Where to start with acne

After spending a while looking through my favourite anti acne site I’ve can to the conclusion that i am myself responsible for my own acne and skin problems.

I can honestly say that after taking on the dietary advice on this sit i have successfully stopped my acne breakouts and have reduced my acne by a great deal in the last few months. I’m not going to lie, it was frustrating to start with to get to grips with the whole diet thin but now I’m on track I feel like a steam train in the sense that no one can stop me from progressing now.

Th whole diet is based around low GI and natural foods that are going to prevent  insulin spikes and foreign chemicals being eaten and entering the body. Loads of fruit and veg to get lots of vitamins and minerals and also a high focus on lean protein for skin repair.

Overall i feel a lot better eating clean like this than i have eating whatever was to hand and certainly have noticed a massive difference in my skin which is why i decided to do it in the first place. I use to blame my complexion on bad genetics but now it i know it was just poor diet all along.